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YFA 1243



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This reel comprises of a compilation of sequences taken around Yorkshire which include Sheriff Hutton, Scarborough, Sandsend and Peasholm. The film appears to have been edited out of its original intended sequence, as certain titles and scenes seem out of order.

Title - A pictorial record.

The film opens with several shots of Sheriff Hutton Castle taken from a multitude of angles. A car drives along a road surmounted by a rock face, and then the filmmaker cuts to show a panoramic view of verdant Yorkshire landscape. Following this, a sequence shows sheep and lambs walking along a village street and climbing stone walls; this sequence also includes a hedgehog curled up in a defensive position. A woman then exits an extremely old stone building. More views of landscape including bridges and a tall stone structure built in a field. The film closes with further shots of lambs exploring village roads.

Title - Jack Collingwood presents.

Title - Quaint and curious.

Title - The end.

Title - Holiday happiness.

Title - Jack Collingwood presents reminiscences.

Title - Scarborough 1946.

Title - Views from Oliver's Mount.

The film begins with a sweeping panoramic of Scarborough taken from Oliver's Mount. Three people wearing hats and trench coats distinctively of that period sit by a bench on the Mount with Scarborough in the background. There is then melange of shots of Scarborough: the bay, Scarborough castle, the beach and finally some shots of people walking along the sea front.

Peasholm is the next destination, and the filmmaker captures the lake bandstand in Peasholm Park where a band plays. There are then more shots of the lake which show people boating underneath an arching bridge. A group of people walk down a platform on Peasholm (possibly miniature) station, before a long sequence shows the miniature railway in action; a train drive is shown driving the train which ferries tourists around a short circuit that includes tunnels.

The filmmaker cuts to the inside of a cave, before presenting several views of white cliffs above sea, which is most probably at Sandsed. On Sandsend beach, several men load a donkey with bags and lead it up a steep road. The filmmaker then captures a sign on a street that reads 'please drive slowly through Sandsend'.

An expansive view of Lythe Bank coast line on a misty day is captured by the filmmaker from an elevated position. Next, a sign reads 'Lythe Bank. Length ? mile. Maximum gradient 1 in 4 ? before a pan out reveals cars driving down an oblique road.

Title - Sheriff Hutton Castle

Various shots of Sheriff Hutton castle taken from several angles. Cutting away from the castle, a man and woman get into a convertible sports car (similar to a Morgan) and drive off.

Title - Scarborough.

Title - The end.