Film ID:
YFA 1224



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This film features several weddings and some family outings.

The film begins with a bride and bridesmaids standing outside a house. The film then shows a dog, before again showing the bride and bridesmaids posing outside a church with family and other guests. The bride and groom get into a car and drive off. A woman holding a baby can be seen before the film switches to a fairground and children packed into a fairground train ride. A brief family shot is followed by children watching a Punch and Judy show. The film moves on to show another wedding couple sitting in the back of a black Humber wedding car, which then drives off. Then another wedding couple, possibly form East Asia, are given a send off on a train. The cameraman films his own reflection in the train window. Some guests are shown left on the platform. Then another wedding couple are having confetti thrown on them as they get into a wedding car. The bride poses for the camera and is then joined by others. Then yet another married couple get into a waiting wedding car, this time with a road covered in snow. A Church sign shows St. Cyprian's Parish Church of Frecheville in the Diocese of Derby. The married couple, the same two as seen on the train, come out of a building followed by guests who pose for photographs.

The film then switches to show another wedding car, a vintage red and cream MG saloon. Guests arrive at the church. The bride arrives with her father wearing an unusual veiled dress. The church clock shows the time before and after the service. The married couple pose for photographs at the door of the church, followed by the guests doing likewise. The guests gather around the church grounds, as well as a boy onlooker. The married couple pose in front of the MG before being driven off. At the end a large building is shown, and a brief look at a sign saying 'Reception'.