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YFA 5500



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This film compilation includes footage of the Humber Ferry, the Humber Bridge under construction, St Andrew’s Dock the day after it closed on 3rd November, 1975, as well as several family outings.

The film begins in a kitchen where a couple are having some fun as they prepare some food. On a table there is a cake, cards, and two bottles of Emva Cream sherry, in celebration of a wedding. Another couple sit on the settee with a boy, and another woman has curlers in her hair. 

At the Humber Ferry port in Hull, there is a tug boat and the “Tattershall Castle” ferry crossing the Humber to New Holland.  There are also boats docked on the River Hull. 

There is brief footage of Windsor and Windsor Castle before moving onto the seafront at Scarborough.  Then there is a Scottish terrier, and children on a large slide and other rides at a fairground. 

At a traction rally at Burton Constable, there are vintage cars and motorcycles, and a fair.  Many of the traction engines are shown.  They then visit a stately home, after which there is a view of the Humber Bridge under construction.  There is footage of various garden birds before visiting the Tower of London. 

The final section of the film was taken the day after St. Andrew's Dock closed in November, 1975.  It features various views of the dock boarded and empty.