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An incomplete edition of the Tyne Tees Television arts programme Come In If You Can Get In about the play ‘Strippers’ written by Walker born playwright Peter Terson. The film includes interviews with Peter, the director and actors in the play as well as Toni and Dana who are two north east strippers. The play premiered at the Newcastle Playhouse and this programme includes various scenes from it as well as sequences of Toni and Dana stripping in working-men’s clubs. This edition was transmitted 24 May 1984.

The film opens in a dressing room of the Newcastle Playhouse and an interview with Peter Terson about his new play ‘Strippers’ which is about the stripping world in Newcastle.

On stage at the Newcastle Playhouse actress Pam Blackwood is wearing black leather and begins to undress.

General view of people in a bar area at the theatre drinking and chatting. Back on stage Pamela, now topless, continues to strip for an unseen audience.

Interview with the play's director who thinks that watching the play is no worse than watching Oedipus several thousand years ago. Good theatre is about life and interesting stories. ‘Strippers’ is a play of its time and the nature of identity.

General view of the River Tyne at Walker shows a cargo ship on the river and a housing estate nearby. The play is about a woman, Cindy, who becomes a stripper after her husband is made redundant in the shipyards.

Interview with Peter Terson who says that in all his plays he is always talking about Newcastle.

In the concert room of a working-men’s club Toni performs a strip-tease for an audience of men.

Interview with Peter Terson about how he tackled the subject matter. He researched it by becoming a driver for the women over a period of three weeks.

Interview with the director who says the play went through a number of drafts.

In a hall two of the actors talk with the director about their performance. They perform a scene from the play.

Interview with Pam Blackwood and a second female actor about their roles and how they prepare for performance.

On the stage at the Newcastle Playhouse the actresses and director speak with Toni and Dana; two north east strippers. They have been consulting on the production.

In a dressing room Toni and Dana show both actresses how to perform a strip-tease.

Interview with director who has respect for women who strip as it must take a lot of bottle to do what they do.

Dana performs in a working-men’s club watched over by a large crowd of men. She is topless and is working with fire. There are a number of shots of men’s facing watching the stage.

Interview with the second actress who says she has to think of it as not her stripping but her character Cilla and how she would do it.

On the stage the actresses begins to strip.

Interview with director who thinks that it is a sad and lonely life. However, in comparison to other things such as unemployment it really isn’t that important. People are being put into this position especially in the north east.

Interview with Peter Terson about the plays characters.

[The picture element showing an extended scene from the play has been removed, however the sound continues.]

Interview with actress about some of the issues raised in the play especially between men and women.

Interview with the director about the image of stripping.

There is another scene from the play taking place in a kitchen built on stage at the Newcastle Playhouse.

General view of bar area and people drinking and chatting.

Interview with Toni and Dana about what they thought of the play.

Interview with the director who believes the play is a metaphor for our time.

The film ends with an actress on stage beginning to strip.