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NEFA 9438



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An incomplete edition of the Tyne Tees Television arts programme Come In If You Can Get In about the growing number of young musicians come from Cleveland. The film includes The Brodsky String Quartet practising in the home of Michael and Jacqueline Thomas in Middlesbrough and interviews with Jack Brymer and Stephane Grappelli. This edition was transmitted 23 December 1982.

The film begins with an interview with clarinettist Jack Brymer inside Newcastle City Hall who says that the music profession can be summed up in two words ‘Magnificent’ and ‘overcrowded’.

[Section of the film missing].

The film cuts to The Brodsky String Quartet of Michael and Jacqueline Thomas, Ian Belton and Alexander Robertson performing in the living room of the Thomas home in Middlesbrough. Michael and Jacqueline Thomas talk about the upbringing and the importance of music in their lives.

The film cuts back to Jack Brymer inside Newcastle City Hall who talks about his early career in music and his opinion on the current musical scene. There are also interviews with French jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli who sits at a piano and an female singer who is seated on a sofa. They are both asked the same questions as Jack Brymer.

The film ends on Jack Brymer who suggests that young musicians should go into music like he did for the love of it and not expect it to be a full-time profession.

End Credit: Research Lowri Garland.

End Credit: Designer Ashley Wilkinson.

End Credit: Executive Producer Heather Ging.

End Credit: Producer Tony Cornfield.

End Credit: Director James Whitely.