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YFA 5365



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Made by Ernest Symmons of Debenham & Co, this film features the children of Beverley collecting books for members of the armed forces in March, 1944.

Title - BEVERLEY CHILDREN play a big part in collecting large numbers of BOOKS for the MEN and WOMEN in our Forces.  March 1944.

The film begins with two men leafing through a pile of books on the floor.  They sort the books into two lots.  One pile is passed to a man who rips the covers off the books before they are put into a bailing machine.  A long line of children come from around a corner and from up a street.  They are each carrying an armful of books.  The children throw the books onto the floor, making a large pile.  These too are sorted.  Then more children arrive bringing more books.  Having deposited their books, the children pose for the camera with the two men.  The children disperse, waving to the camera.  The man operating the bailing machine winds it down to compress the paper from the books.

Title - The End