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YFA 181



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This is a film made by Thornton of three family weddings, with several years between them, and of relatives with a newborn baby.

A man emerges from a house accompanying his daughter dressed for her wedding and carrying a bouquet. They get into a waiting car and drive off. They arrive at the church. There is a short shot of the inside of the church which is very dark. Then the married couple pose for the camera outside the church. They also pose with a line of others in the same spot. They are then seen emerging from the church watched by a crowd throwing confetti.

The film then seems to move on to another wedding where there are bride's maids, and the bride arriving at the church. Then the groom arrives wearing military uniform. They are seen emerging from the church, again being showered with confetti, and posing with others for the camera. Back at the house the family poses.

The film switches to the park where Kathleen and her mother stand by a drinking water fountain. At a house a woman is cradling a newborn baby, and she is joined by a man in uniform (the parents?) and Kathleen. Kathleen and a boy pose for the camera before a woman comes out holding a baby. Then a large family group poses for the camera. A baby is then filmed lying on the floor, being picked up and pushed in a pram. Next Kathleen and another girl are running in a park and join a group of women.

A shot of a family posing for the camera is followed by a teenage girl, Kathleen, dancing in a ballet costume in a garden. She is then joined by a younger girl who dances with her.

There is a brief glimpse of a woman holding a camera before we see a sign of 'Parish Church St Mark, Low Moor.' On a rainy day, people arrive at the church for a wedding, and a group of bride's maids pose for the camera. Next we see the bride and groom posing, first on their own, then with others.

The film then switches to a snowy day with people arriving at a church. Next the bride is being escorted from her home by her father, before returning to the church for more shots of the people in attendance. There are then brief snippets of the reception and the married couple departing.