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YFA 408



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This is a promotional film made for Coghlan Bright Steel Company of Hunslet Forge, Leeds.  The film shows short takes of each process.  These takes are broken up by black blank footage.

The film starts with the factory manager talking in his office. This cuts to a tractor in a field, and shots of a train. We then return to the man talking in his office. This cuts to steel girders being loaded onto a lorry. A man inspects the girders. We return indoors to see a man filing cards. This cuts to a man painting the ends of the girders. The same man sorts through more files. Batch cards are filled in.

The film then shows the process by which girders are made and galvanised. There are numerous machines, conveyor belts and quality control inspectors, and tests on the products. The finished product is loaded into a store room. The film ends with a recap of the process, but in reverse.