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YFA 2786



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This film documents a day's work fishing at Filey.

The film opens at sunset as a coble (a type of fishing boat used on the coast of the North East of England) is out at sea in Filey bay. This is followed by interior shots of women seated preparing mussels and baiting the line.

Later, the fishermen are out at sea on the boat, laying the long line from the coble. They are dressed in long yellow rain slickers. Then, the fishermen pull in the line and their catch of the day.

Back at the fish merchant's, men and women bait and prepare more lines. This is followed by more footage of the three fishermen out at sea on a sunny day. Their boat is filled with fish.

The boat then makes its way in, a tractor pulling to the coble shore. The catch is then unloaded into a minivan. And after a long day's work, the fishermen make their way to the pub.