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NEFA 19711



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This film shows the area around the Coast Road and Chillingham Road roundabout, Newcastle, before redevelopment. We see A. Hogg, Tobacconists, on King Edward Road, and the North Heaton garage.

There is a very underexposed shot looking up Chillingham Road(?) showing the trolleybus wires.

There are good shots of the roundabout and Coast Road, showing the wide grass verges, the shops, and the Wills factory is visible in the distance.

[Note: During the 1960s many parts of Newcastle were designated Comprehensive Development Areas (CDAs). T. Dan Smith, City Councillor 1950-1965, and William Burns, Chief Planning Officer, initiated a modernisation programme with widespread demolition of Victorian and Georgian parts of the city and construction of new urban motorways, parking facilities, commercial buildings and housing.]