Film ID:
NEFA 19696



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Record of a Co-operative fashion show of summer dresses, evening wear, bridesmaid and bridal wear, held in a marquee during the CWS Family Fare Exhibition in Newcastle, 1955.  The footage may be outtakes of the event. The models, of different ages, parade solely for the camera and the event is staged without an audience.  The fashion shows were a regular feature of these trade shows.

A Co-operative fashion show takes place in a decorated marquee equipped with a T-shaped catwalk and a glamorous fake entrance with ruched curtains, surrounded by classical columns.  A male compère sits at a reproduction Rococo table and chair set up with a microphone.

A young woman models a short sleeved, belted summer dress moving along the catwalk, walking and turning to display the dress and accessories of hat, gloves and corsage.

The next young female model parades in a pale striped, full-skirted summer dress, again with accessories. 

A mature woman models a smart slim-cut dress and fur stole, with hat, gloves and corsage as accessories.  In the background, the previous model stands beside the presenter. 

A mature woman, modeling a darker dress suit with matching jacket and accessories, moves down the catwalk, walks and turns to display the outfit.  In the background the two previous models stand either side of the curtained entrance.

Next, two young women walk slowly together down the catwalk, modeling long white bridesmaid dresses, posing at the end of the catwalk.  A young woman in bridal dress and long veil then enters and parades slowly down the catwalk.  She turns and poses, displaying the back of the dress and veil, then walks back, followed by the two models in bridesmaid outfits.  All carry bouquets.  At the curtained entrance, the three fashion models turn and pose, in line with all the previous models. Portrait shot of the three models.

The final shots are of the first three models on the catwalk.