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An amateur record of the Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company Club’s social activities for 1963 and 1964, which include a car rally, ferry ride on the River Tyne, a trip to Alnmouth, the 4th annual flower show and barbecue, an angling competition at Hallington Reservoirs located near the small village of Colwell, Northumberland, a darts match and bonfire night.

Title: The Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company Club
Title: presents
Title: Cluborama
Title: a record of club activities
Title: 1963-1964

A red Mini pulls up at the clubhouse. Using film editing tricks, nine people emerge one by one from the car, and an impossible number of Newcastle Brown Ale crates are unloaded from the car.

Title: Car Rally 24th May 1964

Various shots record the cars in the rally. Three men hold trophies outside a Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company building. Inside, children shuffle about frantically in front of the camera.

Title: Riverboat Shuffle 19th June 1964

View of the bridges across the Tyne: Tyne Bridge, High Level Bridge, and the Swing Bridge, filmed from the Gateshead side looking eastwards. A crowd is gathered on a dock. The party of club members fills the deck of the Tyne Queen ferry boat and waves goodbye to the camera. A young lad unfastens the boat from the dock by hauling in the rope.

The ferry turns around and makes its way westwards up the river. As people on deck enjoy the view and smoke, the film pans across the surrounding scenery. A teenager drinks from a glass bottle and dances.

From the dockside, as the sun sets, there is a view over the industrial skyline of cranes and warehouses bordering the river. There is a shot seaward between the piers of Tynemouth. The ferry carrying club members pass by camera. A view of Tynemouth Castle from the ferry closes this sequence.

Title: Alnmouth Trip 19th July 1964

Outside the Duke of Wellington Hotel, a group is gathered, wearing their waterproofs, the Tyne Bridge visible in the background between the buildings. The group queue up to board a coach. Travelling shots from a car as the convoy of coaches and cars drives to Alnmouth. Travelling in-car shot as the convoy crosses the Duchess Bridge. The party is then sitting on the beach. Concrete tank defences can be seen in the background.

Two men play football on the beach.

Title: End of Part One

An old woman in cats-eye spectacles stands behind a bar. Behind her there are an array of bottles, mirrors, flowers, and some paper doilies advertising “Newcastle Exhibition”. Three men, two women and a small black poodle furiously guzzle crisps, playing up to the camera.

Title: Part Two
Title: 4th Annual Flower Show and Barbecue

A small crowd is gathered around the Ping Pong Pails sideshow game at the fete. A young lad has a ride on a pony and waves to the camera. Children have a go at a throwing game, and have pony rides.

A bowls game is underway. Running races take place. Fathers race with their sons on their shoulders.

The flower show is set up in a marquee, vegetables and flowers laid out on wooden trestle tables. The film offers some close-up shots of the various competing specimens. A small collection of silver trophies is arranged on a central table. Trophies are awarded.

Food and tea is served. Behind the counter a team of women prepare the food; momentarily they stop work and smile at the camera.

People sit together at long wooden trestle tables and eat. One older man widens his eyes and shows a mouthful of food as the camera pans towards him.

Couples of all ages take part in dancing.

Clearing up, the day after, men wash glasses in buckets.

Title: Angling Competition Hallington

[This section filmed in black and white.]

Men and women coarse fish in an angling competition at Hallington Reservoirs. A float is pulled under the water and a woman reels in a fish. Her fishing companion catches one himself. Other fish are caught. Close-up of a pile of some 15 landed fish.

Prizes are awarded.

Title: Friendly Darts Match 9th October 1964

A darts match between two men is underway

A dominoes match is underway. Men and women smile at the bar.

Outdoors, at night, a bonfire burns. At the top of the pyre is a guitar-playing Guy. Fireworks are set off.

[Note: Final section spliced on back-to-front.]
A group leave through a door marked “The End”.