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YFA 3468



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This film documents the excursions of the Morley Cycle Club in 1964. It includes footage of different club members during the ride and in their down time as well as different Yorkshire landmarks including Bolton Abbey.

The film opens with interior scenes of the Morley Cycle Club's hut. members of the Club, including Beryl Burton, sit, stand, chat and drink tea, and eat sandwiches. The walls are decorated with contemporary style wallpaper. Some of the members are filling out forms. The Club is made up of members of many different ages, but the majority of the members seen are teenage boys.

One of the boys, Kenneth Walsh, is asleep in his bed. He wakes up, dresses and opens the curtains before going downstairs to make a cup of tea and sandwiches. Another boy arrives at his house on a bicycle. He knocks on the door, and the other boy answers. The clock reads 5.40am. After packing all the necessary items, the boys go outside and set off on their bikes down a country road, Wine Lane. They ride with two other club members as they head towards the camera, eventually passing the cameraman.  They go along Deswbury Road, p[ast the Wheatsheaf Hotel, over Kirkstall Bridge and along Wellington Road, rgough Horsforth, past Guiseley fish and chips, and Burley village.

At one point, the boys must stop to fix a flat tire. After which, they continue to cycle along country roads in the early morning light, sometimes making their way through towns such as Ilkley. As the journey continues, they carry on and head towards Bolton Abbey. Here there is an artist set up on the side of the road painting the Abbey near Barden Tower.

On they cycle, meeting up with some others, going over Barton humpback bridge before eventually stopping at a pub. Outside the pub, one of them is placed in the village stocks before two of them run through Appletreewick village. Another one of the members stands in front of a sign that says Petroleum Highly Inflammable No Smoking, and while doing so, has a cigarette.

The journey continues, with the hill climb up towards Barden, and then the descent into 'the Valley of Desolation' (Bolton Woods). After the race, they all stop and take a break.  The winner is Dave Robertson, followed by Barry, Bob Waddington (Wilf Waddington a non-finisher) and Bob Metcalfe. At the end of the day, some line up along a wall at the end and start to change clothes. A van is parked nearby and has some of their belongings. Others check their bicycles over before setting off again through the hills.