Film ID:
NEFA 21647



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A film by the Cleveland Cine Club shot at a number of outdoor locations where the camera focuses on only the legs and feet of the people walking past.  

The film opens on a pair of women’s legs. She is turned away from camera and written on her calf muscles is:

Title: Club Outing: The Lowdown

In a car park general views of people walk past, the legs being the only part of them that is visable. One woman walks her dog.

Along a shopping street views of stall selling pottery items and of people legs walking past.

In a garden, a family walk their dog. Again, only the legs of the people are seen along with the dog.

In a churchyard general views of a number of gravestones.

The film cuts to a cobble street and the legs of people sitting on a number of benches. A young boy in shorts runs past. The film changes to show the lower sections of a series of motor cars, a small boy climbs into one of them.

General views of people’s feet walking along a street followed by views of a number of dogs that are seen in profile.

A young woman in tight fitting shorts walks through a field followed by someone pushing a wheelchair.

At an unknown outdoor event peoples legs walking past the camera. The legs of a young woman in a short blue dress stops and turns towards the camera.

The film cuts to a queue of men outside a toilet at an outdoor event. Another queue stand outside the ladies. A man with his shirt tied around his waist walks away.

The film ends on a pair of feet onto which is written:

Title: The end.