Film ID:
NEFA 21411



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These two reels contain different screen tests or rehearsals filmed at the Ship’s Entry headquarters of Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA). Amateur actors perform a burglary scene from the cine club's production and are filmed from a variety of angles.

The following scenes are repeated on both film reels. A man in a flat cap and trench coat appears from behind curtains and steals from a jewellery box on a table. The thief is disturbed and disappears back behind the curtain. A woman enters and discovers the box empty and its contents stolen. Some of the jewellery is dropped on the carpet when the thief escapes.

There is one extra final scene included on a second reel. A woman enters the set and notices the open jewellery box on the table. A man in flat cap and trench coat attacks her from behind, holds a handkerchief over her face until she falls unconscious. He steals from the jewellery box. But the woman recovers, reaches for a film can beside her chair and hits him over the head, knocking him out. A close-up follows of the metal film can resting on the prone man’s body. The label reads ‘Friendly Persuasion Reel 1”.