Film ID:
YFA 4817



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Part of the Blenheim Boys School collection, this film is a series of fragments joined together by leader. They are most likely offcuts or outtakes from other films in collection.

Part one: Shots of interior of a boat, boys sitting in a line against the railing drinking tea and soda and eating sandwiches.

Part two: Very dark, behind the scenes of school play. Woman/girl sitting down wrapped in a towel, someone else tying a bonnet over a papier mache frog's head, the frog then tying a kerchief over the mouth of the girl in the towel.

Part three: In Eiffel Tower gardens, a boy is filming something, but cannot see what. Shots of the Arc de Triumphe from the Eiffel Tower.

Part four: Boys paddling in river and playing with a rope swing suspended above the river.

Part five: Dark - Boys walking through an interior archway. Solitary frame showing a boat.

Part six: External, countryside dry stone wall, with. Two boys stand posed between a bus and a sign for Grassington/Pateley Bridge/Skipton/Kettlewell. Camera moves across back of the bus, can see boys waving from inside.

Part seven: A boy playing table tennis with five spectators cheering him on.

Part eight: Behind the scenes of a school play. Woman dressed as judge with black gown and white wig adjusting her costume.