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YFA 3455



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This film was taken during a Sheffield climbing group’s trip to Zermat, Switzerland.  It includes scenic footage of the mountains as well as those taking part in the climb.  

The film opens showing the climbers walking up a rocky mountain terrain.  They carry backpacks and are dressed in hiking attire.  There are any shots of the mountain range.  We see them stoop and look to the next peak they intend to climb.  They then get to a large stone house where they have a break. 

Title – Our first Peak the Wellenkuppe

They continue up the mountain range.  The rocky surface is now under snow and they start to use hiking equipment to hoist and climb in the bright sunshine.

The film then cuts back to the group at the house.  A long shot then shows some of the men walking down accompanied donkeys who carry their belongings.  At the bottom of a mountain range there are scenes at a small village.  The climbers walk through the rustic area, houses are made traditional stone and wood.  A train steams by at the bottom of the mountain.  Bavarian style architecture.  Sign for Zermatt at a well.  More views of the town with the mountain snow capped peak towering above.   A man is seen working a field whilst another man carries hay down the road on his back.  

From the car we see them ascend a mountain, the filmmaker films the other peaks as they go higher and higher on a cart.  They continue on their journey to Rimpfidchorn.  More scenes show them in the mountains before they visit another town.  Back on the chair lit they return up to start climbing again.

Title – The assent of the Matterhorn

Close ups show the men as they start to climb using ropes and hands.  As each man gets to a point that is safe he turns and helps his partner up the cliff face.  They successfully reach the summit.  The film then cuts to show them back to the ground where they have set up camp and relax.  There are views if the river and a train passing.