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This compilation features a set of films that show climbing around Britain and skiing at as resort in the Austrian mountains.

Title – Russian Climbers 1960's Part 1

Two groups of men are on a climbing expedition in Wales, both negotiate the same difficult rock face that will test their skill.  The first film shows a group from Sheffield, they are then followed by some Russian climbers who show their skills.

The film opens in countryside hills where a make-shift campsite has been set up. A group of men and women sit together relaxing in the sun. The film then cuts to show a sheer rock face.

A man is seen free-climbing.  He wears trousers and a shirt and climbs with a rope on his back that he will then throw down to help guide his fellow climbers. The camera follows him climbing up as he gets higher and higher until he's shown victorious at the top of the peak.

Two men then go up another route. One man climbs then passes down a rope to his colleague who then ties the rope around his waist and climbs ups the same route to join him. They gradually climb using different jutting crags to hold onto a rock face that is sheer. The film closes when they finally reach the top.

Title – Russian Climbers 1960's Part 2

The film opens at the bottom of the rock face and shows the two Russian climbers. They both wear the colours of the traditional climbing team that represent the colours of the Russian flag- white trousers, blue jumpers and red socks and hats.

They pose for the camera before they start the ascent. They start to climb working as a pair to help one another negotiate the rock face. They slowly progress getting to safe ledges, the filmmaker shows them stop and pose as they are half way up. After making a decision of the best course to follow we see them carry on up before they reach the top and pose on the summit.

Title – Skiing 1960's

The film opens at a snow capped mountain where rocks are uncovered in some places. A long shot shows a man skiing; more mountains can be seen in the distance. Once at the bottom he put the skis over his shoulder and starts the climb to the top.

He then goes down a much steeper slope over fresh snow. The film closes showing him deftly zig-zagging through the rocks that make up his path.

Title – International Slalom Llangothkan 1969

The film opens with scenes of white water canoeing. A man makes his way through the course, the river runs thick and fast beside him and rocks are jutting out all over the place.

He passes over many mini waterfalls, we see spectators stand on rocks at the river’s edge. The course then gets more complicated as we see the competitors twist in and out around poles that have been driven into the river bed.

Some parts of the course are very narrow so that many boats have to be careful not to crash into one another and fall in.  The film closes as the competition continues with a canoeist skilfully making his way through the course.

Title – Obergurgle/Snowdon 1960's

The film opens with a long shot of the mountain range at Obergurgle where clouds are seen forming around the peaks. On a snowy mountain side a skier makes his way down, swiftly zigzagging to build up speed. He is followed by other skiers; some people come down in pairs.

At the bottom we see people get on the lift that will take them to the top.  Against a clear blue sky and bright white mountain, we see continual shows the skiers enjoying themselves.

The film then cuts to Snowdon.  An underexposed shot of a man skiing down a mountain side on his own very fast.  Better exposure and the same man carries on skiing, weaving in and out as he goes down the pist. The film closes with an underexposed shot of the skier.

Title – Austria 1960's

A skiing trip to Austria that shows the filmmaker’s family and friends on this sporting holiday. The film opens showing people getting on a stair lift. A long shot shows that they have to travel a long way across and upwards as the mountain peaks are very high.

At the top a man is seen fixing a woman's ski's onto her boots. The group all wear the fashions of the day, most of them are in jumpers and ski trousers as opposed to jackets and all wear sunglasses as it is crisp sunny day.

Expansive shots show the skiers going down the mountain side.  At the bottom a snow plough smooths the area. There are then views of a man and woman skiing together. The film closes with a man going down a tricky bit of the mountain that has many rocks and trees that he must quickly negotiate without crashing.