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YFA 2816



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This film begins at St. Abbs with a fishing adventure and moves onto Clifton Bridge for its grand opening.

The film opens with a man in a wetsuit and a woman holding his flippers for him. Two divers climb over the rocks into the water, harpoons in hand, and begin fishing. One of the men, clearly successful, wades out of the water with a large fish. The two divers stand side by side comparing the size of their catches of the day.

The next part of the film features the grand opening of Clifton Bridge. [A temporary bridge at Clifton was built by the British Army in 1961, on the site of an old ferry crossing, in order to handle additional vehicle traffic caused by the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Kent at York Minster. A permanent bridge was opened officially on 28 October 1963. The bridge is built from 4,000 tons of concrete and 50 tons of reinforced steel.]

The crowd waits behind the roped off part of the bridge. The Lord Mayor proceeds to cut the ribbon to officially open the bridge. Two cars are the first to drive across, one with an English flag attached, followed by three buses. The film ends with groups of children running towards the camera and across the bridge as the ceremony comes to a close.