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YFA 5820



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This film has presenter Michael Clegg visiting a Yorkshire Fishing Authority fish farm at High Costa Mill, Marton Lane, near Pickering, and joining their teams in their patrol boats aiming to prevent illegal fishing on the River Esk and in the North Sea off the coast of Whitby.

The film begins with Michael Clegg at a fishing stockpile farm run by the Yorkshire Fishing Authority in the Vale of Pickering.  He explains how trout in particular have been under threat from various hazards.  He puts a net into a pool of water full of trout and pulls out a large brown trout.  A worker with the Fishing Authority, John Channon, explains the work that they do replenishing stocks of trout, especially brown trout, but also rainbow trout and salmon, as he feeds the fish splashing about in the pools.   Clegg then interviews the Fisheries Officer, John Silcock, who explains the threat from pollution, lack of water and angling.  Fish are netted in the ponds and put into containers for supply to rivers.

The film switches to Clegg joining John Channon and another worker as they go out on a patrol boat along the River Esk looking for nets and other methods of illegally catching salmon.  They find one net which they pull in, and they pass one or two potential poachers, as well as get stones rained on them from boys on the banks, having to don hard hats.  
Clegg then joins another anti-poaching patrol on a motorboat on Whitby harbour at night.  Then, in the daytime, they draw up alongside a couple of licensed salmon-fishing boats out at sea and inspect their catch.  Clegg is given a mackerel for his supper and they drive off.

Cameraman – Brian Wilson
Sound Recorder - Kevin Quirk 
Dubbing Mixer – Alan Bedward
Graphics – Trevor Hodgson
Production Assistant – Tricia Robertshaw
Film Editors – Alwyn Jones, John Lyon
Director - Peter Jones 
Producer - Mark Meysey-Thompson 
Executive Producer – Graham Ironside
Presenter - Michael Clegg

Yorkshire Television