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YFA 5575



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This film is part of a Yorkshire Television series entitled Clegg’s People.   It has Barnsley naturalist and broadcaster Michael Clegg providing a tour of Yorkshire’s gastronomic delights, including Pontefract cakes made at the Wilkinson factory, Bakewell pudding, fish in Scarborough and how Barnsley butcher Albert Hirst hand made his famous black puddings.   

The film begins with Clegg sat in a café at Scarborough harbour pondering on the delights of food from Yorkshire and its neighbouring area.  He first visits The Wash to test the mussels fished there, before moving on to Derbyshire to enjoy some steak and kidney puddings, reminiscing on how he once burnt himself on burnt cakes in Ripon.  Next he visits the famous liquorice factory of Wilkinson at Pontefract.  He gives an account of the history of liquorice production, with the help of Ted Booth.  He then visits the local liquorice museum, before Mike Burrows unearths the first liquorice root for 21 years.  After this he has a tour of the Wilkinson factory, and given a demonstration by two old hands, Emily and Pearl, of how to make Pontefract cakes by hand.  Finally, he gives a potted history of Liquorice Allsorts production in Sheffield.  

Next to Bakewell to see how Bakewell puddings, not the “inferior tarts”, are made; and he samples one baked by Graham McBain.  Then to Barnsley where we see how black pudding is made by butcher Albert Hirst, swishing the added ingredients into the blood by hand and pouring the mixture into the skins.  Albert explains how sales went up during the Miner’s Strike because of the low cost and nutritional value of black pudding.   Clegg picks up "penny duck," and other meat products at the Hirst butcher shop are also shown and explained.

Finally, Clegg returns to Scarborough where he visits the fish market, where auctioning is taking place, examining all the different kinds of fish that are sold there, before buying himself some fish and chips at the Fish Pan.  

Director - PETER JONES