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NEFA 21906



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An amateur film made by Mr L Hammell, a teacher at Norton High Street Junior School, records a school trip to Hadrians Wall in Northumberland showing children and staff exploring the Roman remains in this famous location. The film briefly shows another educational trip to High Force.

The film opens with the school group walking down a moorland hill heading towards a trackĀ  which leads uphill. The camera shows views of the surroundings near the summit of the hill.

The film cuts to the children gathering round some Roman remains, possibly at Housesteads.

General views follow of another Roman site, and of the local landscape surrounding the site.

More general views show some of the school party walking along the Roman wall. Others explore some of the building remains nearby. A long view shows the wall snaking over the hills into the distance. More general views show the school party walking alongside the wall, and in the distance numbers of walkers walking along it.

More general views show the route of the wall in the landscape.

The film cuts to a view of High Force. The film ends as children gather on the rocks near the foot of the falls.