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YFA 834



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Made by members of the Bradford City Police, this film documents the various types of drills performed by the Civil Defence during the Second World War in order to be prepared for enemy attack. The film includes footage of members of the Civil Defence putting out house fires and practicing medical procedures with a mobile first aid unit and ambulance services.

The film opens with two ladies and two children run for their garden air-raid shelters. There are shots of deserted Bradford streets.

Title - Active Defence

Three planes are in flight. There is a close up of two soldiers who are handling some form of radar. Crowds watch as men operate an anti-aircraft gun, and there is an extensive staged Civil Defence exercise. Three biplanes are in flight, and there is a close up of a bomb as it is being dropped, causing damage, fire, necessitating rescue. There is also a stirrup pump demo. A narrator stands, speaking into the microphone, keeping the spectators informed. This is followed by a shot of an old fire engine. Civil Defence personnel show off their skills, putting out the fire and pulling the "wounded" from the burning house. There is extensive footage of these exercises, and a large crowd has come out to watch. As part of the war effort, various trucks, cars, and buses have been converted to work as ambulances. Volunteer patients are transported with stretchers, and those able to walk are accompanied to the ambulances. The following posts have been set up as part of the exercise: Warden Post, Report Centre, Fire Brigade, Control Room, and Police Headquarters.

Title - From dusk to dawn searchlight units keep watch for enemy raiders.

There is a close up of the gunners, and in darkness, a searchlight surveys the night sky. Using a model plane for a re-enactment, a plane is spotted and then destroyed.

Title - The End.