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This film documents a civic ceremony for the West Yorkshire regiment that takes place in the Museum Gardens in York on 21st June, 1944. It includes parades and marches watched by the Lord Mayor of York, local dignitaries and senior members of the military.

Title - A civic ceremony in York City, The West York's Regt. The Prince of Wales's [sic] Own.

Title - Troops taking part Band of the West Yorkshire Regiment West Yorkshire Regiment 14th Battalion West Riding Home Guard York Garrison A.T.S.

Title - Museum Gardens York Wednesday 21st June 1944 Arrival of the Parade and Representative Detachments of the Regiment Major H.A.V. Spencer in command.

The parade begins to process through the Museum Gardens in York. It is led by the Brass Band of the West Yorkshire Regiment. The band is followed by soldiers and then the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service. St Mary's Abbey ruins can be seen in the background. They all line up in formation on the grounds in front of the museum. Accompanying dignitaries follow.

Title - Lt. Col. R.B. Trollope officer commanding 14th Battalion West Riding Home Guard

The officer arrives at the ceremony.

Title - Arrival of the Lady Mayoress, the Sheriffs Lady and guests.

They all arrive at the Gardens.

Title - Arrival of the Mayoral Party

Title - The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor of York councillor R.W. Thompson The Sherriff of York ~ Councillor R.W. Willsdon The Right Hon. The Earl of Harewood Field Marshall Sir Cyril J. Deverell GCB KBE GOC Northern ~ Lt. General Sir Edwin L. Morris The Town Clerk ~ Mr. C. Benfield Alderman Sir William A. Forster Todd

Those listed in the previous intertitle arrive at the ceremony. A large crowd has gathered at the Gardens, and the Abby ruins can be seen in the background. Speeches are given, and there is more footage of the service members standing in formation.

Title - The Town Clerk reads the Charter. "Do by these presents confer upon you the title, privilege, honour and distinction of marching through the streets of The City of York on all ceremonial occasions with bayonets fixed Colours flying and Bands playing." [Extract]

The Town Clerk can be seen reading the Charter in front of a microphone set up at the front of the crowds.

Title - The Field Marshal on Behalf of the Regiment accepts the Charter from the Lord Mayor.

The Field Marshal accepts in front of the microphone. Following this is a military salute.

Title - The Parade Marches to the Minster

The service members process to York Minster in the same order which they processed into the Museum Gardens. They stop at the entrance steps of the Minster.

Title - The Dean of York the very Reverend E. Milner White D.S.O.M.A. accepts the scroll for safe keeping in the Regimental Chapel within the Minster's Precinct's.

The Dean accepts the scroll at the Minster entrance, and there are shots of the service members standing in formation.

Title - The Parade marches through the streets of York with Bayonets fixed and the Band playing.

The film ends with a service parade marching out of the City down Clifford's street, just near Clifford's Tower.