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YFA 1923



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This is a film documenting York's celebrations of its 1900th anniversary in 1971, with a commentary. It includes events at Wigginton Road Sports Ground, the River Ouse and the City Centre.

The film begins with a procession of Roman Goddesses, Vikings, and bagpipers.  The Lord Mayor reads from an illuminated scroll before he is joined by others outside to the Museum Gardens with the eternal flame.  Posters are shown advertising the various events connected to the celebrations: concerts, festivals and music.

The film moves to show the Lord Mayor digging the first sod of an archaeological dig to unearth 1900 year-old ramparts, before going on to a rowing regatta on the River Ouse, followed by a fair at Wigginton Road Sports Ground where the Mayor attempts to ride a penny-farthing.

Then on to a procession, beginning with steam railway machines parading in front of the Minster before the new Mayor, R. Scruton, leads a procession from King's Square and which heads toward the Assembly Rooms.  Then back to the boat rally on the Ouse, and a display of vessels in Museum Gardens with the Lord Mayor.

Back at Wigginton Road Sports Ground there is gymnasts, sea-cadets marching on display, football and a motor-bike display team (one man crashes). It is then onto a Gala at Bootham Park Hospital. Here there is a flaming man jumping off a platform into a pool of water, relay races, a dog-show, and a hot air balloon.  On the final day of the Gala there is a procession, starting at Clifford’s Tower, with floats and men and women in historic costumes.  The procession makes its way through York to an award ceremony at Bootham, where there is a fireworks display. Outside the King’s Arms pub there are converted mine-sweepers.  A local choir sets off from York railway station bound for the Royal Festival Hall.

Then on to drag racing at Elvington Airport, and an exhibition of artwork at the Guild Hall put on by local children.  This is followed by a mock jousting tournament and a cycle rally, including a mini-chariot race. The film ends with a re-enactment of the battle at Marston Moor by the Sealed Knot Society. It is set at Castle Howard, although we see them first in York, by Clifford’s Tower. The Cavaliers and Roundheads fight it out.