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YFA 5847



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Made by junior members of the Apollo Cine Club, this is a promotional film for the City of York.  A young woman travels around the city on a sunny spring day, highlighting some of the city’s attractions, scenic views, and entertainment venues such as Guppy’s night club.    

The film begins showing fast flowing water in a river and a yellow daffodil.  A young woman arrives at York Railway Station on a sunny spring day.  She is dressed in a pink coat, and she makes her way out of the station.  Standing at the entrance way, she looks around as if waiting for someone.  The hands on the station clock move around at an accelerated pace indicating her long waiting time.  Following this, the young woman crosses the road and walks along Station Road.  The daffodils along the City Walls are in full bloom.  The woman makes her way up the steps to the City Walls and looks towards the Minster.  Taking off her coat, she continues along the walls towards Micklegate.  There are a few other sightseers who walk along the City Walls as well.  Arriving at the bar, she sees her friend standing by a used car shop on the street below.  She joins her friend, and they go off together.  

The next day, the young woman is seated on a bench outside the Tourist Information Office where she reads a tourist guide.  She makes her way across Lendal Bridge and onto the City Walls.  The tulips planted along the inside of the walls are in full bloom, and there are some pedestrians and traffic which can be seen.  There are shots of the front of Micklegate, the exterior of the City Walls from different vantage points, and finally Walmgate Bar.  The young woman makes her way to The Shambles.  Other people are walking along the narrow street, and there is a sign for the United Friendly Insurance Co. Ltd..  Next stop is the Merchant Adventures’ Hall, and a sign with opening and admission times can be seen.  The young woman walks around the exterior of the building, peering into the window and consulting the tourist information guide.  Making her way along the River Ouse, the woman stops near the Memorial Park opposite the Guild Hall to take in the scenery.  Boats can be seen travelling along and moored along the side of the river, and other people enjoy their leisure time relaxing on benches nearby.  There is a shot of Jaeger House shopfront with mannequins in the window, and after which, the film follows the woman as she walks along the streets.  The footage is taken at lower body level, and she carries a Union Jack shopping bag.  After a day of shopping, the woman emerges from Regency Hairdressing Salon with a new short haircut.

The next section of the film is an extensive sequence of footage filmed inside the low-ceilinged Enterprise Club run by Neil Guppy at Dixon’s yard in Walmgate.  The nightclub is full of teenagers and young adults who are dancing and dressed in typical mid-60s fashions.  Filmed with a hand-held camera, the images are sometimes out of focus and jumpy, but, mixing in with the dancers, the film captures the dark and claustrophobic atmosphere of the club.  The young woman touring York dances with a young man.  Spotlights dart quickly across the cellar, and everyone dances energetically to the music.  

The tour has some to an end, and the woman gets into a small car, putting her Union Jack shopping back in the back.  The footage is filmed from the back seat of the car, and the man and woman drive down a residential York street.  Finally, the end credits are shown over an image of the car, filmed from the side, as it drives along the street.  

End Credits:
Appearing:  Penny Nicholls, David Roberts
Lighting:  Robert King, David Tillington, Robert Huddleston
Assisting Camera:  Antony Booth
Sound:  Ian Symonds
Camera & Graphics:  Henry Lutman
Direction & Editing:  John Skelton

The car drives off into the night.