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NEFA 21605



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This film produced by Eva and Douglas Morris looks at the sights around the cathedral and castle in Durham City.

Title: Morris Films

Title: Present

Title: City of Durham

The film opens with a view showing Durham Cathedral taken from the opposite bank of the River Wear. A stone tablet is set into a wall and inscribed in English, possibly a dedication to the Venerable Bede.

The film cuts back to a view of the cathedral from the river Wear and a man and a woman walk across a stone bridge. Another view follows of the cathedral's towers looming above the trees. From a distance the arches of the bridge seen earlier, probably Prebends Bridge. A man manoeuvres a punt on the river. General views follow of crows nests in the trees, trees in blossom and of people walking along a (riverside?) footpath. General views of trees and the arches of a bridge followed by flowering shrubs and spring flowers.

General views show the banks of the river, while out on the water boats and a punt. Another view of the cathedral is followed by new leaves emerging on trees cutting to an ornamental door knocker and old streets of Durham.

A view follows of Owengate which leads to Palace Green, followed by the entrance to Durham Castle and gardens.

A peacock poses for the camera, showing a spectacular display of tail feathers. Another long view of the cathedral and more close ups of blossom on trees follow. A close up follows of a wall mounted sun dial.

A university team of rowers go through their paces on the river. General views show trees on the river bank. A single sailed dinghy appears on the river.

General views of Durham Castle and the twin towers of the cathedral followed by the famous lions head door knocker on the main door.

Three students in straw boater hats stand looking over a bridge parapet at the view. University rowers speed under the bridge. A horse and carriage crosses Prebends Bridge. Another long shot of the Catheral is taken through shrubbery. Rowers in kayaks go swiftly by on the river. A view through the arch of a bridge shows Durham University's rowing club. Birds skim the surface of the river for food.

In the market square,  traffic passes through. A view of the Market Tavern and the entrance to the indoor market. A sign sbove the entrance reads 'New Markets'. General views of an outdoor market, showing a number of different stalls. More views of traffic in the town centre, floral displays on stone walls, followed by general views of the university. Leaves on climbing plants change colour in autumn(?). General views of the cloisters in the cathedral and of the cathedral near the river. Leaves change colour on the trees. General views of the exterior of the castle and cathedral.

Title: Produced

Title: Directed

Title: Photographed

Title: and Everything else! by Eva and Douglas Morris

The film ends on a couple, possibly Eva and Douglas Morris.

Title: The End