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YFA 1968



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A film made about Sheffield, by Richmond Films, for the city council to show the contrasting aspects of Sheffield.

Title-Richmond Films

Title-City of Contrasts

Title-Script by Ken de Courcy

Title-Camera and Production...

Title-Alec Richmond.

The film opens with shots taken from a height looking down onto parts of Sheffield: the industrial sprawl, chimneys with smoke, of houses, train tracks, bridges and the countryside in the background.

There are shots of the city centre with traffic and people and then shots from a park with pigeons and people sitting on benches. There are lots of toy boats being sailed by children on the water. Some of them lie along the edge of the lake and push the boats along. A man with waders fetches the boats that have sailed into the middle of the pond. A woman and her two young girls sit in the grass and smile at the camera.

A few young boys with nets climb along some small rocks at the side of the water to catch tadpoles and minnows. Then there is another shot of the lake with crowds of people sitting on benches along the side and this time the water is full of families in row boats. Following this are some brief shots of a house and then of a little shelter in the park. There are also lots of shots of the flowers, statues including one of Queen Victoria, people on benches and children paddling in a stream.

The two little girls walk around the park picking flowers and holding hands. There are shots of the park around them including a building that looks like a museum; there is a sign which reads `Exhibition'. Following this are more long shots of the park, the stone walkways, and benches, the buildings surrounding the park, some men playing tennis and an old building that looks like a large green house. Two elderly men drive around in invalid carriages.

In what appears to be another park there are paddle boats and swings and lots of people wandering about. At an outdoor swimming pool a man jumps up and down a few times on the diving board before diving into the water. A group of naval cadets row a very large boat on a reservoir with on-board close-ups taken from the boat facing them.

The final shot are of wooded valleys with flowering shrubs, a brief long shot of dam with water cascading over and some closing shots of the city.

Title-The End.