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YFA 1926



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This film follows two deaf children who spend a day with the Lord Mayor of York. They visit many sites around the city including the Castle Museum, the Chapter House, and the Mansion House as well as taking a tour of the city walls.

Title | Citizen of York

Title | Two deaf children visit the Lord Mayor and see how he works.

Title | This is where he lives - the Mansion House.

Title | It is the first day of the Assizes. Trevor and Jennifer see the Judges' Procession.

A crowd that includes the two children, Trevor and Jennifer, watches the judges' procession leaving the Mansion House in St. Helen's Square. Barclays Bank can be seen in the background and the ceremonial sword and mace carried into the Guildhall.

Title | Trevor and Jennifer go into the Mansion House to wait for the Lord Mayor.

Title | He is Alderman R. Stavers Oloman M.B.E.

Title | He is a worker for the deaf.

Trevor and Jennifer knock on the door of the Mansion House and are shown into the drawing room. The Lord Mayor enters dressed in his ceremonial garb and welcomes the children to York. His robes and he shows the pair his gold chain of office, gilded in 1603 for the visit of King James I. A secretary brings the Lord Mayor some official documents which he signs and seals, before taking the two children out of the room, communicating via sign language.

Title | The Lord Mayor has to go to see the Housing Manager at the King's Manor.

Title | On the way they see York Minster and other old buildings.

The Lord Mayor's car pulls up outside the Minster and the children look out of the window at the south transept and Rose Window. The car continues past St. William's College and towards Treasurer's House, where the chauffeur gets out to open the car doors. On the wall there is a plaque that reads: "From a window in Treasurer's House near this tablet, the young deaf and dumb astronomer John Goodricke 1764-1768 who was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society at the age of 21 observed the periodicity of the star Algol and discovered the variation of d Cephei and other stars thus laying the foundation of modern measurement of the universe."

The Lord Mayor and children then walk past the North face of the Minster and the Chapter House, before getting back into the car and driving past the Art Gallery and De Grey Rooms on the way to King's Manor. There the Lord Mayor meets the Housing Manager while the children explore the courtyards. The pair stroke a dog and feed a peacock before leaving with the Lord Mayor.

Title | Next they go to the Castle Museum. On the way they pass the old city walls and gateways.

From the car the children can see the city walls and a cemetery built for victims of the plague. Next there is a shot of Walmgate Bar and the house above it, before the car pulls up outside of the Castle Museum and a policeman salutes the Lord Mayor.

Title | Inside the Museum there is a street of a hundred years ago.

Inside the Castle Museum the curator, Mr Patterson, shows the Lord Mayor and the children around. They pass a sedan chair on the cobbled street and sit in a horse-drawn carriage, with a haberdasher's and Victorian toy shop in the background. The children try and spin thread in a weaver's cottage and they all exit the Museum to see Clifford's Tower.

Title | They leave the Museum and go to Bootham House, the York Club for the deaf.

There is a sign outside the building on Bootham that reads "York and District Deaf and Dumb Benevolent Society". The Lord Mayor gets out of the car and meets a deaf man on the doorstep who he shows inside. A welfare officer waves the Lord Mayor off and the group sets off once again.

Title | Back at the Mansion House the Lord Mayor finds more work waiting for him.

Back in the drawing room of the Mansion House the Lord Mayor opens a letter complaining about the lack of a lamppost on a city street. He rings the City Engineer Charles J. Minter, who looks at the town plan and discusses the issue with his assistant.

Title | They meet the Lady Mayoress and see the State Room and the City Treasure.

The children go upstairs with the Lady Mayoress into the State Room, where paintings of the former Lord Mayors hang alongside the Royal Coat of Arms and Arms of the City. The Civic Plate is brought out onto a table, including the silver figure of Justice, the silver gilt cup given to the city by John Turner in 1679 and the Cap of Maintenance made of velvet and trimmed with ermine.

Title | In the evening they go to a meeting of the York City Council whose members are chosen by the citizens to look after their city.

In a large lit room a formal meeting is taking place that the children watch. Everyone rises as the Lord Mayor enters and the Town Clerk calls the roll. The aldermen engage in a debate and the Lord Mayor has to ring his bell to call order.

Title | We would like to thank the Rt. Hon., The Lord Mayor and the Corporation of the City of York for their help in making this film.

Title | The children were Jennifer Quick and Trevor Thompson from the Yorkshire Residential School for the Deaf, Doncaster.

Title | Spoken by Phillip Robinson
Script by Roy Cole
Cameraman - Bryan Langley
Film Editor - Kathleen Smith
Director - Ursula Eason

Title | A BBC film made in collaboration with the National Institute for the Deaf.