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An amateur film believed to be the work of Alice Littlefield. The first part of the film shows Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire with extensive views in and around the abbey ruin as well as Fountains Hall. The second part of the film shows a young girl giving a small dog a bath followed by her and her family on a beach enjoying themselves. The final part of the film shows the family on a farm.

Title: A Cistercian Abbey in Skelldale

Title: Fountains historian Dr Oxford M.A. M.D.

The film opens on and elderly gentleman leaning again a wall.

Title: Fountain Abbey was founded in 1132 by thirteen monks from the Benedictine Monastery of St Mary at York.

Title: By 1250 all the buildings, with the exception of the Huby tower, was completed. On November 26th 1539 the last abbot surrendered the monastery to Henry VIII.

Title: The property was sold and in 1597 Sir Stephen Proctor built Fountains Hall by pulling down part of the abbey building. Mr Clare Vyner is the present owner.

A woman stands beside a road. To her left is a large stone building with steps on the side lead up to the second floor.

Title: Fountains Hall

The woman climbs the stone steps leading into Fountains Hall followed by views of the exterior of the building as well as the stone statues that stand on either side of the main door.

Title: Leaving the hall, we follow the drive and so come to the abbey.

There are various views in and around the ruined abbey.

Title: Green grass covers its one-time stone floor; birds fly in and out of its windows. But it is so beautiful and so perfect in its setting as to make one unusually silent.

There are more views of various arched doorways within the ruin as well as Huby Tower. A man pulling a horse and cart walks past. A group of people walk through a large arched doorway and down a set of stone stairs. The film then shows the river Skell. There are more views of the abbey ruin including detailed views of several stone columns.

Title: As evening draws night bid ‘farewell’ to Fountains hallowed ground, “Benedicite fonde Domino”

The film ends with a view of the abbey as seen from the river Skell.

Title: The end.

The second film opens with a young girl coming through a back door into a small yard and past some sheets that are on the washing line. A small dog does tricks for the camera. The young girl and a woman wash the dog in a large metal bath.

The film changes show a family enjoying themselves on a busy beach. A woman plays with two small toddlers in the surf of the sea. A man walks his Alsatian dog through the surf. Two people hold up a large blanket as someone changes behind it. A number of children play leapfrog. A number of men and young boys swim in the sea beside a seawall. Several fishing boats are moored in the harbour near to the beach.

A man and horse plough a field being followed by a young girl. A car drives along a country road. From the edge of a lake or river three people fish from a small boat. A pair of hands work on a motor engine. In a greenhouse a man waters some tomato plants. The plants are the seen being hoed. A lamb leaps in a field. There are various portrait shots of a two young boys and a woman.

Tomato’s hang from the vine. A man and a woman walk through a farmyard. There is a view of an unknown lake or estuary with hills in the background. The film end with a woman feeding a baby.