Film ID:
YFA 1431



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This is a film of a cine group outing to the Lake District and to Spurn Point, going on a trip on the life boat. It is part of the Laurie Wright Collection (see also 1433).

Visitors are queuing on a pier for a trip on a pleasure boat on one of the lakes in the Lake District. A woman sites in front of a waterfall posing for the camera. There is then a group of people having tea outside a country house. There are close ups of the people and of a dog. The same group are again seen having tea outside another venue. Several of the group have cine cameras with them. They get on a coach, where one of them reads the People newspaper.

They are next at Spurn Point where there is a member of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The group have some lunch sat on the grass, with a cine camera tripod stand and the lighthouse in the background. They sit among the sand dunes with sandwiches and drinking tea. Some of them, accompanied by two girls, go up to the beach with the sea lapping in. One man with a cine camera poses with his wife. There is a bell situated at the back of a house. They go up the steps to the life boat house, and the life boat is shown as it plunges into the sea. A group sits on the side watching the boat (the City of Bradford III). The boat is then hauled back into the life boat house by a rope and the film comes to an end.