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YFA 1433



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This is a film of the two children of amateur filmmaker Lawrence Wright, and of a cine group outing to Windsor, Eton and Spurn Point, where they go on a trip on the life boat (see also 1431).

Title - Cine Magazine 2
Filmed by Lawrence Wright

Intertitle - Jan and Pip

A baby boy is sitting in his high chair playing with his food and laughing. He is next tottering around the living room in his pyjamas clutching his teddy bear, being watched over by his older sister. He bangs some plastic saucepans together.

The film switches to a sign for Hampton Court Palace. Many of the architectural features of the Palace are filmed close-up, including the tower clock. They take a tour of the grounds, showing the gardens in full bloom.

Intertitle - Windsor

Visitors walk past the Three Tuns public house, and around Windsor Castle. The house of Nell Gwynne is shown, with a commemoration placard. Windsor Cathedral can be seen in the background.

Intertitle - Eton

The clock tower of Eton School is filmed, along with two of the students.

Intertitle -A Visit to Spurn Head

The lighthouse is shown from a distance, and then from close up. Two girls watch the waves coming in. A group of people take a ride on a lifeboat. It descends down the slope of the lifeboat building (on stilts), and heads out to sea, passing a sidewinder fishing trawler (GY. 179) and various other ships, including the 'Chevychase' and the 'Monte Pagasarri'. Those waiting wave at the lifeboat on its return. As the life boat (City of Bradford III) is pulled back up the ramp someone else is also filming. The light house is filmed from sea, together with the now disused low lighthouse. A seal can be seen out at sea. The party of visitors get onto a coach.

The End.