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YFA 1432



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This is a film of the Bicentenary Celebrations of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal at Skipton, and some steam locomotives of the Worth Valley Railway. It is part of the Laurie Wright Collection.

The film begins with two men in scuba diving kit sorting out their diving equipment on the bonnet of a car, watched by some boys. There is a sign on the car for G Thompson, Silsden Underwater Services. As one of the divers gets ready to go into the water, some visitors take a look at a steam traction engine near a canal. On the canal are several narrow boats, one of them named Malham. A group of people get their boat ready, and they set out onto the canal, followed by the Malham, watched by a crowd gathered next to a bridge. They do a demonstration of a rescue, using a dummy, and demonstrate a slalom manoeuvre.

A barge, the Wye, arrives from under the bridge, being pulled along by boys and girls dressed in historical costume. This is followed by several other boats. The Mayor and Mayoress are on one of them. Some children play inside a barge carrying coal. Bags of coal are loaded onto a horse drawn cart. A man swimming in the canal is followed by a scuba diver. A boy dressed in Middle East attire holds a donkey on a lead.

The film switches to a pony trap race, watched by a crowd sat on a grass bank. A bookie is taking bets. This is followed by a horse race. A horse is scrubbed down ready for transportation. More bets are being taken, and the bookmaker pays out some winnings.

The film is switches to the Worth Valley Railway, where there is an old steam engine (69023). A group of railway enthusiasts gather around several steam locomotives in sidings near an engine shed (42700, 46115 and D0226). People wait on a station platform as two steam locomotives (41241 and 72) arrive pulling a train of several carriages. Passengers get on and off and the train leaves. A crowd of enthusiasts watch it go by. The loco 69023 is filmed coming out of sidings.

Title - The End