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YFA 1423



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This film comprises two parts:
Part 1: A Church Parade at Bolton Abbey (emulsion codes: 1945 and 1953).
Part 2: Children fancy dress at Baildon School
The film includes footage of children painting outside and a singing lesson in fancy dress performing "Doh rae me fa so..."

The film starts in black and white and shows a sign for Bolton abbey, followed by a view of the exterior of the building over some water.

The film goes into colour, and women stand against an exterior wall watching the church parade in the foreground. The parade is led by a man holding a cross and a man who is in all black robes. The many men and boys who are following wear black and white robes and carry what are either hymn books or Bibles.

From behind an archway, the filmmaker observes the countryside landscape. The parade stands on some grassy step in a neat assembly, one man looking like he is leading a sermon. The men sing hymns with the help of a conductor who wears an orange sash over his robes. Three little girls (who look approximately seven, four and twelve) walk out of the abbey just before the parade walks in. The first girl wears a green coat with a flower in her hair, the second wears a pink cardigan with a dress underneath, and the third, a brown coat. The two older girls both wear brown T-bar shoes and the youngest girl wears lace ups. The parade comes back out from under an arch and walk down a road. A Bible/hymn book is laid next to a bouquet. As the parade walks through the streets, a crowd watches from the pavement.

Someone (looks like he could be a mayor, as he wears a heavy gold chain) enters a large black car, followed by a few others. A stone, which is inscribed with "laid by HRH Princess Royal 16 May 1953", sits at a building site. Part one concludes with an image of a waving Union Jack.

Part two of the film starts with children painting outside in a field. They use easels, and paints are laid out on tables in the foreground. One boy who comes to fetch paint wears a grey jumper, a tie, grey knee length shorts and a black blazer. A girl who comes wears a red cardigan with a flowery dress underneath. She has a red bow in her hair.

Children are dressed as different coloured fairies and seem to be acting in a play. A teacher comes onscreen briefly to direct them. There is a Union Jack draped on the floor, some blue boxes (arranged to look like a staircase; children stand on them) and a chair and table.

A child wearing a white dress and orange cape sits on a chair in front of everyone. A boy paints on what look like giant playing cards.

Younger looking children are also dressed up and stood on chairs. All of them have letters attached to their outfits on the chest.