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YFA 2552



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Made by local filmmaker Frank Dean, this film captures scenes of village life in Church Fenton, a small village between Selby and Leeds, North Yorkshire.  The film brings together four events in the Church Fenton area in 1958: a British Legion Sports Day, Sherburn Church Garden Fete, Church Fenton Village Hall Garden Fete and Kirk Fenton St Mary’s Sunday School’s Flower Service.


Title – Twelfth Annual British Legion Sports Day’  ‘Maj. R G Newall USA AF on Saturday August 23

A large tent has been set up in a field, and people are sitting around the tent and stalls.  The Major is introduced by a local dignitary who makes an address to the people gathered for the event.  Next there is a children’s fancy dress parade, including a sailor, a Red Indian and Little Bow Peep, with the Major watching the parade.  He is accompanied by a woman holding a bouquet of flowers, and there is a table with home grown prize vegetables.

Title – Sherburn Church Garden Fete

A vicar and other local dignitaries address a group of adults and children that have gathered in a large garden.  All the elements of a traditional English Fete are shown as women server from the tables laden with cakes and crafts.  There is a young woman dressed as a Queen, with a retinue of girls and a boy.  They stand in front of a group of small girls and boys holding placards with ‘Church restoration’ written on them.  The Queen makes her way through the people, many with prams, and sits on her throne where she is presented with flowers by a young girl who also gives gifts to the retinue.  The Queen then performs a mock ceremony, crowning the young children, and the vicar leads a round of applause.


Title – Church Fenton Village Hall Garden Fete

A crowd stands outside the village hall, and in the gardens there are stalls with cakes, and people arriving pay to enter.  At the fete, there are many stalls, and two women can be seen eating toffee apples.  There are also games including bingo.

Title – Sunday School flower service 1958

People have gathered on a small green in the village, and children are dressed up holding flowers and posing for the camera.  A group of adults make their way off whilst the rest make a procession.  They carry a banner for Kirk Fenton St Mary’s Sunday School at the front of the parade.  The procession then heads off for the church, and we then see them leaving again.  The film ends with a closing look at the church.