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YFA 24



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This film is a compilation of Christmas footage taken from two different collections: The Meredith Collection and The Chislett Collection. The film provides a good example Christmas celebrations at home as well as documents how families spent their leisure time during the winter holiday.

The film begins with a young boy named Julian opening his many Christmas gifts, some with the aid of a pair of scissors. He receives a maths tool set and a Moto Trix box game about which he is very excited. There is a small Christmas tree that can be seen in the background. Other members of the family begin to open their gifts as well. Mother receives a new fur coat, and Greta receives a set of Decca records and jewellery. Grandmother is also shown receiving a shiny new Morphy Richards toaster which she removes from the box to take a closer look.

After many of the gifts are open, the filmmaker takes close-ups of the Christmas gifts which include: a Nursery Constructional Clock, Max Andrews Vampire Magic Show Box, Moto Trix, records, and elephant figurines. The filmmaker also uses stop animation to make the line of elephant figurines move across the table.

It is now men of the family's turn to open their gifts, and they do so in turn. One receives a neck pillow and a book. There are more close-ups of the many presents open on that day.

Then, sitting around the table, the family enjoys their meal. Seen in the background, the house is decorated with a variety of Christmas decorations. The table is full of food including a traditional Christmas pudding. The family also take turns pulling Christmas crackers, and many of them wear paper crowns.

The next section of the film, and from the second collection in the compilation, begins with the family sitting around in the lounge chatting, and many enjoying their new gifts. On a snowy day with a dog playing in the driveway. A car and a man on a bicycle can be seen trying to make their way down the snow covered road. A nearby pond is full of ice skaters, and a steam engine can be seen passing in the background. The ice skaters organize a game of hockey, and after which, some of the skaters glade around playing up to the camera.