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A short Christmas animation produced by Sheila Graber in which Santa Claus and his three robin helpers deliver presents all over the world. The film follows their adventures as they cross continents from Asia through Africa, Europe and the Americas. Along the way they deliver presents to a number of interesting characters including a lion in Africa and King Kong in America. The film ends with them making their way back to Santa’s grotto, collapsing with exhaustion into their comfy chairs.

The film opens on two robins helping to load Christmas presents into a sack on the back of Santa Clauses sleigh. Each of the boxes shows a different country’s flag. Underneath the conveyor is a smaller robin with a candy cane in his mouth. He hooks his candy cane to one of the presents with an Italian flag and drops down on to the opening titles where he dances across the words.

Titles: Christmas around the World

At the head of the sleigh the two larger robins wear harnesses as Santa holds the reins. They jump of a cliff and pull the sleigh into the starry sky.

Credit: Music arranged by Brenda Orwin

The smaller robin chases after the sleigh and grabs the end of a present hanging from the sack.

The sleigh flies over a Russia and a domed building with the hammer and sickle flag of the Soviet Union flying from a pole.

Credit: Produced by Sheila Graber

The smaller robin flies over to the flag, pulls of the sickle and slices the top off the domed building. He lifts it up as Santa, wearing a fur hat, Russian squat dances across the roof on the backs of the two larger robins and drops a present with the hammer and sickle flag on the front down into the building. Santa and the robins get back onto the sleigh and fly away.

The sleigh transforms into a Chinese rickshaw. Santa is now wearing a Fez while the robins wear Asian conical hats. They fly over a building with dragons built onto the corners. As he passes the first dragon it opens its mouth and Santa drops a present in. As the sleigh passes the second dragon it becomes larger and opens it jaws eating. Santa hanging from its mouth holding a sack of presents. He lets go.

Santa begins to fall but is seen being held from above by the smaller robin. He takes a package from the sack with the Australian flag on it. As he passes a kangaroo he drops it into its pouch. A baby kangaroo appears from the pouch and throws a boomerang which passes between Santa and the smaller robin who is sitting in Santa’s head.

Santa lands on a sleeping lion and knocks him flat. The lion chases Santa who is still holding a sack of presents. On the back of an elephant sit the robins holding spears and wearing animal skins. The elephant’s trunk pulls Santa out of the way of the lion who stops and looks down on his present with red, yellow and green stripes. He waves up at Santa. He and the robins wave back as the elephant drops Santa down on the back of a camel.

Now all wearing fez hats they pass a pyramid. They do the Egyptian dance up the sides of the pyramid, Santa holding a present with the Egyptian flag. One side of the pyramid opens up and the image of Tutankhamun appears. He takes the present and goes back inside. The pyramid closes.

A flute plays, a magic carpet appears and they all jump on. Everyone is now wearing turbans, the Indian flag is seen on a present inside Santa’s sack. A rope appears and wraps itself around the present and takes it way. Underneath the carpet is a Cobra which appears beside one of the robins. Removing his turban the robin places it on the snake who then gets entangled in the cloth.

Sitting on the carpet Santa drinks coffee while one of the robins smokes a hookah. Another robin holds a present with the Turkish flag on the front. He drops the present which is caught by a turkey.

The carpet changes into a Grecian column with Santa and the robins who now wear togas. A present with the Greek flag on the front is dropped and caught by a stone statue whose arms fall off.

They all wave as the scene changes to show the robins wearing berets and one is eating an ice cream. Santa dropping a present with the Italian flag on the front onto the Leaning Tower of Pisa which then falls over.

As they hit the top of a snowy mountain the column slides down the mountain at speed. They land in a snow bank and Santa’s head appears in the snow, the smaller robin sitting on his head.

The film cuts to a Christmas tree with a large shiny star on the top. Snow is falling and covers some of the branches which also hold a number of burning candles. In the tree is a teddy bear and doll dressed in traditional German costumes. They open their eyes and look over at Santa who is wearing a bishop’s mitre and holding a present with the German flag on the front. He puts the present down as the doll offers Santa a drink which he takes. With the robins in the branches Santa holds on and the tree which lifts off into the sky. The doll and teddy wave.

Santa and the robin’s wave back at the teddy and doll as they ride the tree through the sky toward the Eiffel Tower. Taking out a present with the French flag on the front, it becomes a flag which they raise on a pole at the top of the tower. The three robin’s in French costumes salute.

The tree transforms into a bottle of champagne. Santa takes out the cork and the bottle explodes propelling them onwards. The bottle changes into a wooden Dutch clog with windmill blades as propellers. The robins in traditional Dutch costumes dance on the clog as Santa flies it like an aeroplane. The bottom of the clog opens and a present with the Dutch flag on it drops out.

The clog transforms into a Viking long ship with Santa wearing a horned helmet. He is sitting in the longboat beside another present with the Norwegian flag on it which drops over the side of the boat.

The film cuts to a lake in which sits the Loch Ness monster wearing a tartan hat that reads ‘Nessie’. It is playing the bagpipes. His long tail pulls from the sky a tartan covered present.

The film cuts to one of the robins wearing a waistcoat, bowler hat and carrying an umbrella. He then turns green and holds a pint of Guinness, then he is seen wearing a Welsh hat and holding a daffodil. The hat drops down over his face and a pair of eyes appears.

From underneath Nelson’s Column Santa hands up a present with a Union Jack on the front to the robin in the bowler hat who uses his umbrella to pull it up. The other Robin sits nearby on Nelson’s hat. They all salute as the Union Jack present slowly starts dropping towards the ground attached to the umbrella which is now open and reads ‘Merry Christmas’.

Nelson points towards the clock on Big Ben. Santa now riding in a large bowler hat points the robins off screen. The bowler hat transforms into a Cordovan hat with the two robins pulling the hat dressed as a male and female Flamenco dancers. Santa holds one arm in the air while the other holds a present with the Spanish flag. He drops the present and a bull appears in the starry sky with the present hooked on one of his horns. Santa and his robins leave.

Sitting in a large brimmed hat Santa and his robins dance while wearing ponchos in Brazilian colours. Santa holds a present with the Brazilian flag in the air and drops it.

On a skateboard Santa and his robins dressed in American colours speed past the Statue of Liberty. They dance on the skateboard. From underneath his top hat Santa reveals a present in the American flag.

The film cuts to show King Kong on the top of a building. He takes the present from Santa’s head and eats it while Santa and the robin race away.

While falling Santa’s costume changes to that of Canadian Mountie. He catches hold of a maple leaf. He lets go of the leaf and takes a present with a Canadian flag out from his sack and drops the present. He looks concerned when his leaf isn’t there anymore.

The film changes to show the three robins in the sky. The two larger ones are dressed like Native Americans, one a male in feathered headdress the other a female with long braided hair. In between them the smaller robin wears a wide brimmed hat like a cowboy. The robin in the headdress reveals an axe and chops of the top of the smaller robins head.

On the ground a penguin fishes Santa out from a hole in the ice. He climbs out and then tries to climb onto an igloo carrying a present with the Icelandic flag. Sitting over a ventilation hole on top of the igloo sit the three robins warming themselves. As the two larger robins try to help Santa up onto the igloo they fall with the present dropping down the ventilation hole.

Sitting on the ground with two of the robins on his heads Santa points up to an arrow sign at the top of a mountain. They are seen climbing a rock face. Coming over the top they all race from the cold to the warmth and a number of comfy chairs which Santa and the two larger birds fall into. The film ends with Santa kicking off one of his boots and them all falling asleep in their chairs. The smaller robin roosts on a present marked ‘To Santa’ and then drops it into Santa’s boot.

Title: The End © 1979