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YFA 3167



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This family film, set in South Yorkshire, is from the Hamilton collection and captures the Christmastime in 1977 and 1978 as well as a holiday to Butlins in Skegness.

The film opens with a man wearing a werewolf mask and running after two boys who laugh. Then there is a shot of Julia being chased by one of the boys wearing the mask; she is carrying Shane.

There is a shot of the Butlins monorail at Skegness as it passes over head. The man wearing the mask chases Clair around and she laughs and runs away.

Following this is a scene from Christmas 1977,showing the children coming into see all of the presents that have been left for them and then opening each present, smiling and showing them to the camera.

In the following sequence are shots of Shane, Clair and another young girl outside on the street playing on a homemade go cart. Their dad, Stephen sits on it and gets pulled along by Shane and then they play around with the other young girl.

There are shots of Christmas cards from 1978 and then more shots of the children opening huge piles of presents. Stephen opens a present of an art box and then the rest of the shots are of the children.

There is a shot of a sign in a window which reads `Happy New Year'; snow is visible on the ground outside. There are sequences of shots of the children playing in the snow out on the street and then of a man running down an alley way pulling them along on a sledge.