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YFA 4888



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This is a film made by Mexborough Technical College teacher George Spurr of his parents as they move to a new bungalow in Conisbrough.

The film begins showing a sign in a window declaring ‘Christmas 1963’.  A car is parked outside a newly built bungalow on a frosty day.  In the back yard, overlooking a valley with more new built housing, George’s father is shovelling coal from a coal bunker into a coal scuttle, and then tending to his vegetable patch.  Looking out of the upstairs window, many houses can be seen still in the process of being built.  The man is joined by his wife, and there are several flowers in bloom.  The man sits on his doorstep with a cup of tea.  As the woman looks over the terraced garden they are joined by a dog.  In the distance there are some new flats.  Their next door neighbour, George’s brother Robert who moved from Denaby at the same time, hops over a wall.  Their neighbour from the other side, a woman holding a child, stops to have a chat as they tend the garden.