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NEFA 12180



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A series of colour home movies showing the McAdam family of Newcastle at Christmas between 1954 and 1958. The film includes scenes of the children writing their letters to Santa, helping in the kitchen, decorating the Christmas tree as well as opening their presents on Christmas morning. The film also features two children's parties and ends with a number of adults dancing together.

The film opens with four small children, two boys and two girls, sitting under a Christmas tree opening presents. One of the girls puts a tartan hat onto the head of the younger boy while the other girl waves at the camera.

A man in a Christmas jumper looks through a sack of presents.

Another man with a large mustache sits in a bay window giving out presents to a number of children and adults.

Around a large table full of food a number of children sit wearing party hats. They all wave at the camera.

A boy and a girl sit and write 'Dear Santa' letters. One of the letters is shown to the camera and says that Christine would like a pogo stick and a slide. They both throw their letters onto a coal fire.

In a kitchen the boy and girl pour flour and raisons into a large mixing bowl and begin to stir the mixture. A woman stands over them and takes over the stirring with a large wooden spoon. She feeds both children mixture from the bowl using the wooden spoon.

The young boy, wearing a cowboy outfit, and girl decorate a Christmas tree. The girl holds a toddler in her lap and continue to put decorations onto the tree.

The toddler sits under the Christmas tree wearing a paper hat and holding a small plastic horse. The boy, still in his cowboy outfit, comes over and takes the plastic horse.

The woman and two children sit at a small table in front of a coal fire wrapping Christmas presents.

The boy and girl place stockings at the end of their beds.They are both seen praying.

The face of large clock reads 12.03am.

A man dressed as Santa Claus comes through a door carrying a large clear plastic sack of presents. He places a number of the presents on floor before waving to the camera and leaving.

The face of the clock shows a little after 7.00am.

The boy and the girl sits under the Christmas tree opening their presents. The floor is covered with wrapping paper as the boy starts playing with a large metal toy car. The girl holds up a teddy bear followed by a baby doll while the boy plays with a toy gun in the background.

A Christmas pudding is brought out and placed on a table next to a carved turkey. In the background the boy plays with a toy fire engine on the table.

Children in paper hats sit around a table laid out with various cakes and other party food eating. A silver tray of ham rolls if offered around.

The toddler sitting on a blue blanket holding a teddy bear.

The film fades in and out again to show the boy and the girl sitting on the blanket next to the toddler. The boy put's a bin over his head and wears it like a hat. The boy and girl smiles at the camera.

The woman stands holding the toddler next to an older woman.

The toddler seated on a high chair eats chocolate which covers both his hands and face.Standing behind him is the boy and girl.

A cake with a birthday candle in it is presented to the toddler by the girl who is wearing a white dress and red cardigan. The young girl blows out the candle.

Around a table laid out with food the woman helps the young girl cut the cake Also sitting around the table are a number of adults who are watching the proceedings.

General views of a man and a woman dancing together in front of a set of curtains. The man sticks his tongue out at the camera.

A man wearing a suit with a cigarette hanging from his mouth dances with woman in a bright blue dress. The woman ties her shoelaces Another man dressed in a suit now joins the couple. They are all dancing the twist.

The film ends with two men and a woman dancing in front of the camera with their arms around each other’s waists.