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YFA 4293



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This is a film of a family on holiday in Norfolk and Blackpool.

Two women and two children are in a swimming pool, and then on a beach. A man appears, and together with the older woman they take the younger woman, possibly their daughter, at each end and give her a swing. The children are then on a ride on a swan in a fair. They go on a merry-go-round and then a paddle boat. They all walk around the fair and take a tour boat, the 'Waveney'. They cross a footbridge over a river and are then by a boating lake before walking along a pier. The children go on another ride on a snail and in a car ride. They take another boat cruise, and a man goes overboard in diving gear, and then poses with the two women and children. As the boat travels along the coast there is a coastal town with a lighthouse in the centre.

They then visit another fair with a boathouse, a small railway and other rides. The surrounding area, including a pier, possibly Blackpool, is filmed from very high up. The family are filmed up the tower. They mingle with the crowds in the streets and get an ice cream. Blackpool tower can be seen in the background. They walk along the beach, and then the film switches to a field before returning back to the beach where another lighthouse can be seen. They are then back at the fair and taking more rides. They watch a show jumping event and are back at the swimming pool. The man and woman play-act on the beach, and the woman looks through binoculars out to sea. There is a parade with a marching band and then back at the beach with the woman paddling in the sea. There is an event where people are gathered to greet some visitors from Asia, one of whom makes a speech, and the film come to an end.