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NEFA 12597



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Amateur home movie in the Hayes family collection that documents the early years of two children, Christine and David, at home in Newcastle upon Tyne, and on a visit to Beadnell on the Northumberland coast.

Title: Christine and David

The film opens with portrait shots of a very young baby, Christine, with shots of the baby in its mother’s arms. There are various shots of a young man (the father?) cradling, feeding and changing the baby’s nappy. Two women push the baby in a pram. The mother tips the pram to reveal the baby to the camera. Close-ups of the baby follow. A blonde haired woman carries the baby through gardens with flowers in bloom in the background. The father and mother walk through the gardens with the baby. Various shots in the garden follow of the extended family group gathered around the baby in a pram. Mother and father are walking together with a friend or relative.

Various shots show an older baby Christine learning to walk in the family garden, with some success.

There is a continuous take of a stretch of common grassland, bordered by a school building with clock and trees. An imposing church stands at one end of the green. The scene closes with a shot of a large detached house.

Waves lap across Beadnell Harbour. A breakwater or pier shelters the harbour. Two lime kilns stand at the beginning of the harbour pier. The camera pans left to a row of cottages. Sailing boats are moored in Beadnell Harbour at sunset. A general view shows a whitewashed coastguard or military building [dark shot], followed by a shot of Christine running to camera, her father in the background near two parked cars. There is a shot of gently rolling hills. Three women of the extended family enjoy a picnic with the baby Christine. Christine plays with a camera tripod.

Back in the family garden, Christine attempts a spot of gardening. The next shot is of the baby David. Various scenes follow of the young Christine and baby David in the family home and garden, and with their father, mother and grandfather. Mother, father and the two tanned children sit on a sun lounger. The children, dressed in frilly swim wear play together in the garden with an iron bath, sponges and scrubbing brush. The mother relaxes on the sun lounger in a swimsuit. She plays with David. As the grandfather relaxes in a deckchair, David hits him with a stick. The mother plays with Christine and David and the family dog. The children and their grandmother play with the black puppies of the family dog.

There is a view of St Mary's Island, with people standing at the edge of a low cliff. The mother in a smart black suit walks towards camera from the cliff’s edge with the two children. The father then runs toward camera with the children.

There are various shots of David in a pushchair in the grounds of a school, with other parents gathered in the background.

A group of the extended family with children gather in the family garden for a photograph. The grandmother carries a camera.

An older Christine stands with David, who pushes an old pram. The mother, Christine and David pose for camera with the pram.

David, as a young boy, plays with 'Sooty’s Fairground Bagatelle' on the family lawn. The mother helps. There are various scenes with David and Christine at different ages, playing with other children and family, playing football with father and another man. Christine, now a young girl, and two relatives help a child walk. The relative poses with the child who waves to someone off camera.

A man in glasses holds a young boy on his shoulder.