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YFA 1418



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This is a film made by the Rev. David Simpson of a colourful Christian parade in York, with music and dancing.

The film begins with a Christian parade through the grounds of Dean's Park next to York Minster. On a sunny day, the parade has banners, including one for St Mark's Rawcliffe, 'Make Way for Jesus'. There are other colourful banners carried by children. People are singing from hymn sheets as they walk along. Some have parasols, and there is a walking band that stops and plays in Dean's Park. The long parade exits the Park and goes down Low Petergate, past the Minster, continuing through the streets, still playing music and singing. Those on the parade are relaxed and light hearted. Some are playing brass instruments. People watch it pass from the pavements. The Parade assembles in Kings Square and St. Sampson's Square (outside the Three Cranes Pub) where they continue to sing, some becoming quite energetic. There is a performance of music and dance before the film comes to an end.