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YFA 5937



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This is one of many films made by amateur filmmaker John (Jack) Dyson of Leeds.  This film includes footage of the christening of Andrew (Jeremy), camping at Beckermonds in the Yorkshire Dales, and David playing at home at Cragg Vale.

The film begins with mother holding Andrew for his christening.  Other members of the family are standing outside a church in September, 1956.  Several of the family members pass Andrew around, each having a turn to hold the baby.  There is a glimpse inside the church with the vicar and a shot of the christening cake.  At home the family and children are seated around a table.

The next section of the film takes place in the Yorkshire Dales. They are near a stream and a sign which proclaims, “Private Land.”  The family have a picnic, and there is a map showing Pateley Bridge.  There is a sign for a café and for the Yorke Arms, Ramsgill, with two cars, one a convertible, parked outside near a church.  Out in a field in the Dales a large number of people are having picnics.  

Back home, mother and Andrew are in the garden, and there are shots of windswept trees.  Next there is a shot of the memorial statue to the crew of St Anne’s Lifeboat, at Lytham St Annes.  Back in the garden, David is in a cowboy outfit, and then indoors on a rocking horse.  There is a shot of a brooding looking sky and a sign for Willington Common.  Andrew, now several months old, is seated in a pram; while David uses a pump to suck in water and pump it out again.