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YFA 2477



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This amateur film by a Wakefield-based businessman is of a family christening of one of his children. It captures the spirit of the day by showing the event from when the family set off for the church to the party afterwards.

There is a brief shot of a table set for a meal and then the scene cuts to the front of a house where a woman runs out to the car and gets in. Then a little girl, her father and a woman with a little baby come out and get into the car. They drive off and then the next shot captures them all entering the church for the christening.

Following this are shots from the house; there is a close up of the christening cake and of some family members who are sitting around smiling at the camera. The baby gets a lot of attention, while some other children play with their bikes in the garden. There are some shots of the children beside the baby and one of the children has a gollywog doll.