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YFA 517



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This is a film made by Charles Chislett of a gliding event, possibly 1935 or 1936, and of his children, Rachel and John on several occasions between 1935 and 1942. These occasions include time at home, on a farm and at Aysgarth Falls.

(The first part has turned pink.) The film begins on moorland where a glider flies overhead and lands, watched by a small crowd. A car arrives to tow it back up again. This is followed by another glider, a Rhonsperber, being also towed by a car (reg. UA 8851) and launched back up into the air. Other gliders are also there.

The film switches to a beach where two small children, one of them possibly Chislett's daughter, Rachel, are walking hand-in-hand with Grace and the other girl's mothers and father. It then switches again to show two country houses and lawn with flowers and trees. Then in the Chislett back garden with John (about 2 yrs. Old) and two other small girls of similar age are playing with a horse on wheels. One of them holds a fluffy rabbit doll. The three of them sit in the flowers laughing to the camera.

(Colour back fully) The flowers in the Chislett garden are filmed close up. It is a sunny day and Rachel (about 5 yrs. Old) is washing clothes in a small basin and hanging them out to dry, including a pair of baby socks, on a small washing line that she has made. She then irons with a toy iron and ironing board. John sits nearby playing with the flowers, and is then stood up with a dog, and then a puppy straining on a lead. Rachel goes for a walk in a wood wearing a black coat and hat, and hides behind a tree from John. Several species of birds feed off a bird tray in the garden.

They are next in the countryside, by a river and a large ruined house. Rachel stands against a stone wall with the dog, and feeds a cow with a bucket. They are then at a castle overlooking the sea. Rachel goes through a gate and down some steps, and on down to the sea, where two men are fishing. Elsewhere, Grace and the two children get out of the family car and go up to a field when there is a woman with two horses. The woman lets out a pig in the farm yard, which runs about before feeding.

There is next a group of children riding on cycles in a street. John is indoors playing with a dolls house He plays with some model toy cars with a small girl, including a radio controlled model steam roller. Back in the garden, Rachel and John are both mowing the grass. Then the gardener takes over, giving Rachel a lift on the mower, followed by John on a tricycle, and another older girl on a bike. They play with the grass cuttings, and John picks up a black cat. Rachel touches up the paintwork of an adult bicycle and a tricycle. She is joined by a boy who helps to clean the bike. John is helped by the gardener to hose the garden.

Rachel goes down a slide in a park. They are then back at the farm, at a later date. Rachel and John pull open some sliding doors. Elsewhere a castle or large country house can be seen in the distance. Rachel opens a gate onto a field.

Grace, Rachel and John are next at Aysgarth Falls, Rachel with her blue shorts and white top and hat, and then in her swimming costume and her blue speckled hat, fishing in between the rocks. She collects some specimens in a metal container. The falls are filmed close up, looking distinctly golden. Rachel and John squat at the side of the river splashing the water. Rachel fishes with a make-shift pole, followed by John having a go. Rachel is joined by another girl and the film finishes.