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NEFA 21880



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A home movie of excursions or holidays to Northumberland with views of well-known wild cattle at Chillingham and the surrounding Cheviot Hills. A military parade takes place on Tyneside and the film ends back in Northumberland.

The film opens with a view of the historic wild herd of white Chillngham cattle followed by two people walking in the countryside. They stand and take in the view, their Ford Prefect on the road nearby.

A man standing next to an ordnance survey triangulation point (or possibly a small monument). He picks up pieces of twisted metal he has found in the heather moor. The metal shards may be from wrecked WW2 aircraft.

General views show the Ford Prefect travelling through the countryside. A woman pushes a bicycle up a grassy track followed by a man pushing his bike. General views follow of the hilly landscape in the distance believed to be the Cheviots.

The film cuts to sheepdogs herding sheep into a pen, the sheep are then dipped.

A brief view of cakes on display in a shop or living room followed by views of an old monastery and rose gardens, possibly Melrose.

The film cuts to an urban setting and a parade of the Coldstream Guards through Gateshead or Newcastle. Soldiers then go into church (St Nicholas Cathedral?)

The film returns to the countryside in Northumberland and a woman on a bike riding past the Ryecroft Hotel in Wooler before speeding off down the road. The film cuts to a woman walking up a grassy hill towards the camera. General views follow of the Cheviots(?). The film ends with a man walking up the same hill carrying binoculars and camera.