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YFA 4418



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This is a film of the St Mary's Church for the 'Children to Church Service', with the whole of Beighton Infant School in attendance. There is singing and poetry readings, and a thank you to retiring Head teacher Betty Hall on the last day the school year.

The bells ringing at St Mary's Church for the Children to Church Service. Children arrive at the school in pairs holding hands, accompanied by the teachers. They arrive in three separate groups. Betty Hall, the former Head teacher of Beighton Infant School, arrives with the new Head teacher. Inside the Church is packed, with many of the children are sitting on the floor at the front. Then another group of children arrive.

The Head teacher makes some announcements, wishing those who are leaving all the best, and reads out a poem written by a 12 yr. old girl called 'Today'. The children then sing 'Thank You' (by Fishman and Marty) and then a teacher reads out another poem. They then sing the hymn 'Give me Joy in my Heart'. Another teacher gives a prayer, followed by another hymn, and another reading. Then a boy and a girl get up to sing, followed by a woman, a teacher or church member, giving thanks to God for various things, beginning with Beighton Infant School, and those who are leaving. She finishes with the Lord's Prayer. Another teacher reads a poem and then they sing a song. The vicar then makes a speech, stating that this is the last day of school before the summer break, and ends with a thank you prayer. The children are finally led out of the Church as they sing 'Morning Has Broken'.