Film ID:
NEFA 21885



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A home movie showing a visit to the large gardens at Chesters and briefly Newbrough Lodge both near Hexham in Northumberland.

Starting at Chesters near Humshaugh views of the 18th century house and gardens showing an entrance with pillars or columns at the back of the house. This is followed by a view of a single storey building which maybe a cottage or stables.

Three people walk up a driveway towards the camera followed by a colourful collection of flowers in a greenhouse(?). Flower beds displaying lupins (?), and roses are next.

At the front of the house three people walk across the lawn followed by more views of flower beds. A woman walks from right to left in front of a flower bed near the house. The front of the house is shown again, then the film cuts to a view of a castle type tower with a flag flying.

Views follow of an extensive lawn and gardens, a white dovecot stands in the middle of one of the lawns. A brief view of the house is followed by a view between the two tall pillars of the gateway to a view of fields and forests.

In a churchyard a man walks between gravestones towards the camera.

The film cuts to a small walled garden with blooming flower beds. Following views of more flower beds, the film finishes with a view of Newbrough Lodge near Hexham.