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YFA 2780



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This is a training film for the Humberside Police that illustrates the dos and don'ts of how to cope with a chemical accident. This is particularly pertinent to the Humberside area due to the large amount of chemical engineering throughout the region.

The film starts off with shots of the Humber estuary, huge industrial chimneys and cargo ship docking areas. The voice over talks about the amount of chemicals and substances that are shipped into this estuary every year, and how much people have got used to and rely on these substances.

The voice over says that these substances can be dangerous and that often someone will pay a price for the demand on them, he says that one example is Flixborough in 1976. He then says that this film is to show the police officers how to deal with these substances should an accident occur.

There are shots of trains, boats and trucks travelling on roads with their dangerous cargoes. The voice over says that every precaution has to be taken when filling, emptying and driving these vehicles.

The next scene goes through the ways in which lorries are adapted to make them safer on the roads. Then there is a short section that shows some chemicals being put into water, being lit and some metals being put into the chemical substances. There is a long explanation of the `Hazchem' labelling system and what the different parts of the labels mean.

The following scene depicts a road accident involving a pedestrian and a tanker carrying dangerous substances. It goes through all of the procedures that the police go through to get the scene of the accident closed and the emergency services on their way.

Title-The Producers gratefully acknowledge the assistance given by-B.P. Chemicals Ltd.

Title-Home Office F.S. Lab. Wetherby, Humberside Fire Brigade.

Title-Ellis and Everard Ltd, John Forman Ltd.

Title-Army school of Mechanical Transport, Leconfield, and k202 Squ'n (Search & Rescue) RAF Leconfield.

Title-Narration-Charles Levitt, BBC Radio Humberside.

Title-Production- Derek Hall, Keith Pollard, Humberside Police